Full-stack Jr. Web Developer


In 10 weeks, you will be a web developer


UX/UI Design
Ruby on Rails

Our program is perfect for both BEGINNERS and those with previous EXPERIENCE

What will you learn?


Master the fundamentals of both semantic markup as well as how to make your web applications render beautifully on any device.


Use Javascript & jQuery to add more life and interactivity to your applications on the client-side.

Ruby on Rails

Learn one of the best ways to build modern, database-backed web applications


AngularJS is a JavaScript framework for building applications that run in a web browser.

UX/UI Design

User experience design is one of the most important disciplines in software development.

Git & Github

Manage your code versions, and collaborate on projects with other programmers.

Agile Development

Develop and iterate on your projects by keeping a close eye on costs and value.

Pivotal Tracker

The awesome, lightweight, agile project management tool for software teams.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are as important to your career as the languages in which you program.

Test-Driven Development

Learn a methodology of producing rock-solid, easy-to-maintain code.

The Team

Our instructors have an awesome background in education and technology, both have taught before at General Assembly and have worked at some fantastic places like Microsoft and the Florida Virtual School. They are traveling from their home in Silicon Beach (LA) to Silicon Coast (OC) to spread their love of tech education.


Philipe Narravo is an engineer, programmer and social entrepreneur. His passion is empowering others to own and change their lives through exposure to new ideas and effective education. Currently Philipe teaches web development topics, most recently developing curriculum and teaching at General Assembly’s LA Web Development Immersive....view more

He has worked at the nation’s largest online public high-school, FLVS, and has developed and taught STEM curriculum for all ages of K-12. He has was worked with numerous startups, most notably as PadProof’s VP of Product Development in which the company competed and was accepted at the StartFast accelerator in New York. Philipe teaches: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Sinatra, JavaScript frameworks (Angular.js, JQuery, etc.), MySQL & NoSQL databases, HTML/CSS, UNIX command-line/scripting, and, likewise, various working philosophies (Design Thinking, Lean Methodology, learning/personality styles, etc.). Philipe’s motto, "Question everything.”


Ira Herman is an experienced software developer and entrepreneur who has 15+ years of coding experience. He started working with Microsoft while he was still in High School and has since led a number of development projects. Ira has taught as a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Cisco Certified Academy Instructor, and holds several internal Microsoft Endorsements in technical training, understanding of adult learning model and rapid learning....view more

He has trained employees, military, college classes, and technical certification candidates, at times from zero experience. He writes in HTML/CSS, Wordpress/PHP, Javascript, jQuery, Angular.js, and Ruby on Rails. He trained and developed curriculum for General Assembly's LA Web Development Immersive classes 1-4. Ira is currently CTO at Optrix (www.optrix.com).


What is your educational philosophy? Why is this important anyway?

We believe that the traditional pedagogical institutions that most of us have attended all our lives are focused solely on the presentation of information. We believe that this is an ineffective way to truely educate people. Learning only happens when people are able to use the information in a useful, relevant and personally applicable manner. Our program is fully project based, mimicking the ultimate project based learning program which is - actually having a job! We want you to feel like this is your job and you would learn this information just as you would on the job.

Because programming is like learning an actual language and it needs constant repetition and application we believe that this style of learning is not only preferred but necessary in actually cultivating strong developers. Many of the other options available in the programming bootcamp arena are actually not much different from a traditional lecture based program and do not put emphasis on the educational philosophy and practices required to create true behavior change. Here at School of Devs we have in house education experts who spend their time focusing on how to make our bootcamp the most conducive learning environment for our students.

What kind of a time commitment is the School of Devs Bootcamp?

The program is 10 weeks long and runs from 9:30 am - 6:00 pm Monday through Friday. However, students typically end up working a few extra hours on their own each night and around 8-10 hours over the weekend as well. We suggest you let everyone in your life know you are going on an educational sabbatical for 10 weeks.

What will I need for the course?

You will need your brain, your computer, your excitement and self-motivation. We do NOT provide computers, you must bring your own. Mac computers are preferred but PCs are welcome as well as long as you are running Ubuntu (Don’t worry we will help you with this)

What if I am a beginner and I know nothing about programming, is this really the course for me?

Yes, absolutely! There is no prior programming experience needed for the program. We will teach you everything you need to know. This program is actually perfect for beginners. You will be amazed at the progress you will make over 10 weeks.

What if I am a bit more experienced, maybe I even know another programming language?

This program is still for you! You will not only learn Ruby on Rails but also work on your management abilities and work as part of a team. This program will help you build a strong portfolio and build a deeper understanding of programmatic thinking that can be applied to any and all languages.

What if I am an entrepreneur and I don’t want to be a programmer per say but I want to be able to be
a stronger Founder and potentially build my own MVPs?

You are in the right place! Many of our previous students have been entrepreneurs looking to build up their technical skills to either work better with developers or hire and manage developers efficiently. Through the bootcamp you will learn to be a developer for the 10 weeks of the course to be able to then put yourself in your technical staffs shoes easily and effectively.

Are you are certified program?

We are not a certified program, however, this is for a very particular reason - under a certification program we are unable to adjust curriculum to match that of the market and what is the most updated version of the technologies we teach. Being uncertified allows us to update our program as soon as the industry standard evolves.

How does the application process work?

If you are unsure of the program and have more questions than our website is able to answer please make sure to email (info@schoolofdevs.com) or call us (888.432.3387). Also think about attending an info session to meet our team in person and get your feet wet with the material.

Once you have decided that the program is for you, you must fill out an application. Click on the ‘Apply’ button at the top right hand corner of the website and tell us a little bit about yourself. We will then send you an email and set up an in person interview with the program director and the bootcamp instructors. We are a rolling admission organization and within one to two weeks of your interview we will email you with your acceptance. After receiving your acceptance you will be given instructions on payments and on pre-work for you to do prior to the first day of class to familiarize yourself with the concepts.

How much does the School of Devs Bootcamp cost?

The program costs $10,500. This amount is traditionally split into 5 payments of $2,100 where the first payment must be paid to officially consider you enrolled in the program. All 5 payments must be made by end of the fifth week of the program with the following schedule ( If you need a different payment plan due to credit card limits or other circumstances please let us know):

  • Enrollment Fee: $2,100
  • Friday of Week 2: $2,100
  • Friday of Week 3: $2,100
  • Friday of Week 4: $2,100
  • Friday of Week 5: $2,100

Once each payment is made it is non-refundable. If a student drops out of the class before the end of the 5th week they are exempt of paying the remainder of their tuition, for example, if someone were to drop out week 3 they only have to pay $6,300, etc.

There is a minimum enrollment necessary for School of Devs to run this program. We reserve the right to cancel or postpone the course at any time. If the program is canceled students will be reimbursed all money they have paid towards the program at that time.

Do you provide scholarships or tuition assistance?

Yes! We have availability for up to $500 scholarships for women, entrepreneurs and underrepresented minorities brought to you by our program partner - Originate.

We also have financing options that are merit based for exceptional candidates, School of Devs is able to provide 0% loans for up to 12 months for up to 30% of the full tuition. Please contact us about how you can be considered for these options.

Does School of Devs provide room and board?

No, unfortunately we do not, but feel free to take a quick nap on our couches or brush your teeth in the bathroom. :)

How many students are in each cohort?

Each class varies in the number of students, however, most are anywhere between 10-25 students in each cohort.

What is PeopleSpace?

PeopleSpace is a coworking space and tech community hub in Orange County. Companies in the area work out of the space and there are constantly tech meetups and events that are great for blossoming techies.

Will I have access to PeopleSpace while in the bootcamp?

Yes, of course! You will be surrounded by bright enthusiastic developers and entrepreneurs while attending the bootcamp, they are available to chat, bounce ideas off of and network. We hope you will take advantage of the close proximity and make friends, attend events and immerse yourself in the OC tech community.

What will we be learning?

The program will be covering the following topics:

Understanding the Web
The fundamentals of programming and programmatic thinking
Object Oriented Programming
Working with HTML5 and CSS3
JavaScript fundamentals and Libraries
jQuery and AJAX
Ruby on Rails and MVC Concepts
Databases and APIs
Test Driven Development
Topics in Computer Science
Team dynamics and efficiency - Lean methodology and Agile Development
Heroku deployment
Git and Github

What is the deal with the 4 projects? What will I have by the end of the program?

Over the course of the class you will be building 4 projects of your own choosing. We want students to work on projects that are relevant to them. We will provide students with the information, resources and time to have all four of these projects completed and portfolio ready. However the actual completion of projects is the responsibility of each student.

Project Schedule:
Weeks 1-3 - Project 1 - with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and Angular.JS
Week 4-5 - Project 2 - with Ruby on Rails
Week 6-7 - Project 3 - In groups of 2-3 with Ruby on Rails
Week 8-10 - Project 4 - Freeform project - students choose if they want to work alone or in groups and what languages they want to use

What happens after the program? How do you help me find a job?

Throughout the program we will also be preparing you for how to work as a developer in the workplace. Our program is built to mimic a real development shop so all of our students get a good idea of what it feels like to actually work as a developer. We will also prepare you for the job seeking process as a developer. We will help you build your resume, your github, prepare for technical interviews and connect you to anyone we know through our networks.

You are still welcome at School of Devs and will still have access to instructors and your fellow students. We do not abandon our students and we make sure that they are set up to succeed. Yet, at the end of the day though, finding a job is your responsibility.

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